Sample goal six practical steps from Guus


In preparation of the team meeting of June 20, 2013 Guus asked everybody what he wanted to receive (‘get’) from the project Inspiration for Success and what he was willing to ‘give’.

Background are the six steps given in the chapter desire of Think and Grow Rich.

Please find below what Guus wants and what he is willing to give for that.

Desire or what do I want to receive

Main thing I want to get from the project Inspiration for Success is attention, attention of team members, attention of the world, attention of other people I approach. Maybe I also just want to be famous like going from broke to millionaire in one day.

Next thing I want is to support the thing I described in my private definite purpose document. To achieve what I want most in life I will need some money. Not the one million as in the sample goal, but something like enough money to live a comfortable life and be able to travel (again).

Another thing I want is indeed to inspire other people, be a coach for other people, help other people find coaches. As far as I remember this was even the most important thing when starting the site, but it got to the background as I’m too much in need of all kinds of things to be able to support other people. And it is also hard to inspire people if you are not successful yourself.

I also want to learn to work in a team, as a team. And maybe develop my leadership skills, be the leader, although that still scares me as being a leader carries with it big responsibilities I’m not sure I can carry.

What I am willing to give

I am willing to give:

  • Time to publish one personal post per day.
  • Time and effort to send one inspiring quote per day.
  • Take charge as the leader.
  • Do effort to communicate my ideas to the team.
  • Do effort to make the team move, inspire them to move and also do work, spend time.
  • Do more than one fifth of the work.
  • Be vulnerable by publishing everything on the site.

Under consideration (against the decision taking rules of Napoleon HIll):

  • Stake everything on this project and the one million goal.
  • Push people to do the work needed (feels like I need to threaten people which I don’t like, don’t believe in).


One thought on “Sample goal six practical steps from Guus

  1. Guus Post author

    Strange, reading this now on March 6, 2014 when I made an indirect link to this from my daily quote e-mail. Things have progressed, progressed a lot.


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