Self analysis, question 23

It is very late and I don’t know what to write even though there is a lot in my mind and a lot of things happened today. And it was a good day as I have the feeling I made and am making a lot of progress even though ‘reality’ didn’t really seem to have changed yet, at least not related to money, income, wealth, riches.

But something changed, so maybe the ideas in Think and Grow Rich are really starting to pay off and maybe indeed riches will follow, even though I don’t feel the last so much recently.

So for now with this post the easy way out: just continuing with the self analysis questions. And today’s question is “Do you resort to liquor, narcotics, or cigarettes to ‘quiet your nerves?’. If so, why do you not try will-power instead?”. And this is a question that has been bothering me a lot, been in my mind a lot, especially the term will-power. As somehow I don’t seem to have much will-power and I think I even have less than I had before. And while writing this I realize that somehow the term will-power reminds me of have to and have to is something very sensitive to me as it reminds me of my dad forcing me to do things.

So do I resort to things like alcohol or narcotics or cigarettes to quiet my nerves? Yes, I certainly do as I pretty often drink alcohol to quiet my mind or my nerves as Napoleon Hill states it. And I have no clue how I would use will-power to quiet my nerves, my mind when I can’t sleep. As I don’t believe forcing things works, where again I relate will power to forcing things.

So looking back I went away from will power (in the sense of forcing things) towards things like the Law of Attraction, where the Law of Attraction is more about visualizing things, feeling things first and then naturally let them come to you or evolve.

And I just did a search on will-power and it may not be the thing that I thought it was: being forced to do things you don’t want to do. So I think I have some researching and reading to do.

Thanks for reading.

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