Self analysis, question 38

Wow, another question that I guess is about something like looking in the mirror: “What habits of other people annoy you most”?

And right now nothing really comes into my mind except that I don’t like that my partner always wants to have the house super clean, much cleaner than I. And of course I like the house to be clean, but I don’t like people cleaning the house continuously where I can see them and often the house is just clean enough.

And I guess I am a bit jealous of really disciplined people and people who wake up early and do all those things successful people are doing or are supposed to do. As I don’t like waking up very early and I am not that disciplined. And because of those things I believe I am not successful.

And strange, before I knew many more things related to this question but I am a little bit drunk (from only one can of Red Horse) and nothing much comes into my mind.

And no, I didn’t drink a lot and I am pretty okay with Red Horse normally, but tonight it just seems too much.

So enough for now I guess, even though it feels like a bit of a waste not to spend a bit more time on this question.

But I am learning a little bit more to trust my feelings and let my body tell me when enough is enough.

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