Soul success

This may be too much for most people looking to be inspired for success. i presume success for most people visiting this site would be like having enough or a lot of money, have a specific career, have a relationship or a better relationship and things like that. But after what happened to me today, yesterday and the day before, in the end I guess success in life would only be measured if you have achieved as a human being what you came here to do. And as I want this site to be the best and most comprehensive site on inspiration, motivation and success on the internet, it would certainly need a section on spiritual success. And success in a spiritual way would mean something like ‘did I achieve my spiritual goals, did I do what I came to do in this world.

And I guess in the end that’s what it’s all about as in the end we’re all alone, all come with nothing, go with nothing and go all alone, except that we added ‘something’ to the Universe, at least that is what I believe.

So something to think about, also for you. Is the success you are looking for, the success you visit this site for, is it the real success you should actually be looking for and pursue?

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