Troubled soul searching for destiny

I just got confirmed that there seems to be a lot of negativity in me, which of course seeps through to this website/blog. The person who told me actually also kind of implied to me that a better name for this website might be something like “Troubled soul on difficult path searching for destiny” than “Inspiration for Success”.

As I consider myself as positive, at least in the sense that I believe my intentions are good, that my heart is good, that I am a good man (and the last sometimes is confirmed to me by others) and that I want all the good in the world for everybody, this was a bit a difficult thing to hear, or actually to hear confirmed.

Of course I know all this. Of course I know how I am writing my blog posts, mostly starting with my troubles, telling my story and at the end a short inspirational message. And it also kind of bothered me earlier, although this website consists of two parts and I hope mainly the blog part has this ‘negativity’:

  1. a ‘pages’ part with real information about inspiration, success and related subjects, including tools and exercises and such;
  2. the ‘blog’ part where I write blog items, indeed about me, about my road, about my life.

And as of now the blog part is quite negative, often about negative experiences I have, as indeed as of the moment, and looking back, I have been struggling a lot. And indeed, the blog items are about me, about my issues, about what I am struggling with, not about you.

Thinking further, this whole thing is kind of intentional, as I am looking for followers, ‘souls’, who are similar to me. I am looking to connect with people like me. And I feel very lonely, very lonely in life, very lonely on my journey on earth. And very misunderstood. So that’s what I’m writing about, so my blog will be found by the right people.

What struck me most in the whole conversation was that my conversation partner also told me that there are not so many souls like me, not so many souls with a similar mission or purpose on earth. So also not with a similar struggle, or that many may not even struggle at all like me.

He told me that people are very different, probably more different than I think. And that if the purpose of this website is really to inspire people for success, I might want to consider to make it more practical for more types of groups, for more types of souls. And I’m thinking now that I might want to indeed emphasize things like spiritual inspiration and spiritual success more, not only earthly success of success as I see it.

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