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Based on the idea of Seth Godin that with anything you do you better be the best in the world, I want this site the best website in the world on inspiration for success. And it seems to pays off to be the best in the world, as I was trying to get a back link from Under30ceo by writing an article as they are number 1 in Google for the phrase ‘inspiration for success’. That appeared not to be as easy as I thought as my first and second draft of an article were rejected as they didn’t meet their quality standards. So there is a reason why that site is on the top. Apparently they go for quality, indeed meaning something like they want to be the best in the world and don’t accept mediocre articles.

So that made me think about what that means for this site, to be the best site in the world inspiring people for success. And of course I was thinking if they are a competing site or not and I decided they are not, as apparently they focus on success in business, on young people who want to succeed in business, indeed on being the CEO of big companies, while I want this site to have a broader focus, more like an entry point on inspiration for success in different areas, not only financial or in business. And this made me think that it is not as easy as I thought to be ‘best in the world’ with a website if you want to provide quality. It made me also realize to decide on what role I want to play. It seems i am more of an ‘easy’ writer, more of a blogger. I just want to write and let it be, not really a content writer, even though of course I do check my content before finally posting it.

So yes, based on the feedback I got from Under30ceo i realized we need to organize things more, e.g. we need people who can really write quality content on the subjects in this site. So yes, the Master Mind principle seems to be more important than I thought. I like to organize the site, can generate ideas like adding the spiritual success to the original more common ideas of success and can do the more technical stuff, but I’m not sure if I like or am willing to really write organized, researched quality content.

So yes, we need more Master Minds for this site and we have three positions open as of the moment. So if you are interested in being part of this project building the best website on Inspiration for Success, please send an e-mail to in which you describe why you think you should be part of this project and this team, including some vulnerability related to our sample success goal, as I still want that road to success based on the principles of success to be in the open fully, which of course is scary as I guess anybody would have some doubt or fear on realizing such an ambitious goal in the open, no matter how much self confidence he or she has.

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