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I never ran a site like this before, although i do get ‘comment e-mails’ from another site, reporting to me that someone commented on the blog. So I do know the other site gets a lot of spam comments. Running this site though makes me, well, don’t know what to say, I guess just sad.

Reason for this post is that just now I just saw there were more than hundred comments waiting for approval. And the ordinary blogger would be really happy, as many of those comments are very flattering and inspiring. So they might approve them and think someone really read their articles and was happy about them.

Looking a bit further you will find one or more links to all kinds of websites and an e-mail address that does not exist. So these are just ‘spam comments’, comments of which the only purpose is to create an additional link to some website (and being paid for it).

To me this is really sad as it seems there are thousands or maybe many more people either writing software to post these type of comments or just writing these comments. And it is even more sad towards the bloggers, the people doing the effort to write valuable articles, who think someone visited their site, their post, liked it and even took the effort to post a comment.

I am starting to understand that this is how the world works and I even realize that I am even part of it, as i also bought some cheap link building for customers. I also know that it would not be easy to change the system, as Google dictates the world by appreciating links. And I also know that the thought behind counting links towards sites is a very good idea.

However, I think this is not how the world should work, similar to what i think about advertisements paying for ‘content’, for ‘information’.

What do you think? Should we continue like this? Would we, as humanity be able to change it? Would we be able or willing to pay for the ‘real’ stuff?

Please let me know your thoughts below. And maybe yes, if you are a spammer posting a spam comment, please also post a comment. If it is useful comment we may approve it including the link or links.

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