Doing what you like

I was searching for the daily quote and found this one:

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. – Wayne Dyer

And I can’t connect to it, I don’t recognize it. I have always done the things I love to do and until now it just didn’t work out. Me doing the things I love doesn’t seem to be experienced well by other people. And it didn’t bring me abundance, at least not in a relaxed way, so no, it didn’t.

And yes, I believe in the statement, that people should do what they love and that that would automatically convert into happiness, not only for the person himself, but also for others. But why doesn’t it seem to work for me?

So what about you, do you believe in the same thing? That everybody should do what he or she likes? And that that would make the world a better place? Or does it work for you? Or doesn’t it?

Please share below, I, and I guess many other people, are really interested in what you think or feel about it.

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