Strange day

Today was a bit a strange day. I got caught up in all kind of little things I was doing without any real plan, even though I guess I finished my planning for today although I still have to check that. Just chaos and being like my old self just doing things and being busy, but basically going nowhere.

And then I got stuck in the installation of a friends computer, something I used to do without any effort a few years ago. But somehow Microsoft has made it much more difficult to install or upgrade computers and I have no clue why, the same as why I don’t fully understand why they make such an issue of stopping the support for Windows XP. And why so many people and websites warn me that my computer is unsafe because my operating system is not being supported anymore. So what? Would it suddenly stop running? And why would I upgrade while there are not even decent upgrade tools?

Ah, and yes, recently I am starting to think if Napoleon Hill was really right with his stuff like being truthful and honest and serving people. As I see many companies not serving people anymore, getting greedy or something. And I am just trying to go the other way, focusing on service first and on money later or not at all.

And those companies are all rich, including their employees driving cars and such. And I am poor and can’t seem to get out of my financial troubles.

So should I get greedy, use my power and knowledge to just go and get the money?

Well, no, but it’s getting more and more tempting. As greed seems to work.

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