Negative words and feelings

FearI tended to not use negative words when starting Inspiration for Success, so instead of the title of this page I preferred to use something like ‘the opposite of courage’. However, by avoiding, saying no to negative words of course you give them power. So just let negative words or emotions be there. But then just experience them, don’t resist them as resisting gives them power.

Fear, enemy of success

However, according to Napoleon Hill and also in my own experience fear is one of the major enemies of success or achieving anything in life.

I am not sure with you, but when I’m scared i tend to be just paralyzed and won’t do anything anymore. And of course not doing anything anymore means in 99% or more of the cases that nothing will happen, at least nothing positive.


And of course the best way to deal with fear is courage: just do, even if you’re scared. But don’t ignore the fear as fear has a purpose and it’s purpose is warning you. So just listen to it, but don’t let it rule you. Listen and look what the fear is trying to tell you. But don’t let it stop you, be courageous as courage leads to success, letting you rule by fear leads to failure.

The six basic fears

inspired by David.

The six basic fears according to Napoleon Hill are:

  • The fear of poverty.
  • The fear of criticism.
  • The fear of ill health.
  • The fear of loss of love.
  • The fear of old age.
  • The fear of death.

Read more in the chapter The Six Ghosts of Fear in Think and Grow Rich.

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