Success and happiness

Background of this page

I am creating this page because based on the statistics the post that used to be on this location attracts relatively a lot of traffic. And as that post was not really written to deal with the subject in a proper way we want to create something better here. And it’s not finished yet, but it may already give some clues based on some personal experience.

And that’s kind of logical as you think further about it. As while I was thinking about that, about success and happiness, somehow I have the feeling they are the same. But I know they’re not. But only after thinking about it. And apparently I’m not the only one who relates these two, well, not sure how to phrase, but yes, maybe subjects.

Success and happiness

And also the last few weeks, the last few months I’ve been thinking more about the keywords of this site. As it started with me looking for success and wanting to be inspired to find that. And as the subject motivation is also closely related to those things I included that in the sub header of the site: Inspiration for Success, about inspiration, motivation and success.

And recently the word happiness came into view, as that word, that subject also somehow seems to be related to those things, especially to success. And in the end seems even the most important thing. Because isn’t that what we’re all looking for, isn’t that what we all want, be happy, preferably all the time and preferably knowing that we will always be happy?

And I think when we think of success, when we are looking for success, that we actually just want to be happy and think success will bring us happiness.

And I think indeed that often having success will make us feel happy. But certainly not always. And in order to be happy you certainly don’t need to be successful. I remember one of the lowest points in my life, when I thought I had lost everything and even considered killing myself, and at that time I also had some of the happiest moments of my life. I found those moments at night, sitting in front of our house on a small terrace we have, with our without a drink, with or without the dogs that I love so much, but just sitting there, listening to the silence or the evening sounds of insects and such, looking at the city as the terrace was overlooking the city and just being alone, just being myself, just enjoying me being part of it all, being part of the Universe or something.

And I just felt happy, not needing anything, not wanting anything, just sitting there, on my own, with nothing but myself, basically also with nothing left, physically as well as emotionally. Certainly not successful after some big failures and defeats.

And I’ll certainly add more here, but for now it’s enough, as it’s late and I was not even planning to write.

But yes, happiness can be found everywhere, in every situation, no matter how good or bad. And it doesn’t need success or anything.

So yes, whatever your situation, especially when it’s bad, when you’re down, you may just want to find a quiet place and be with yourself, enjoy yourself and everything around you. And just be happy.

This page was created by Guus on December 1, 2013 replacing the post success and happiness.

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