Success as a Christian

How do you gauge SUCCESS?

Success as a Christian is attributed to the goodness of God whom we know is all Loving and Holy. It is when you knew that even though everybody is against you but still happy knowing that God is with you. Sometimes success as a Christian could not be understood. It needs a humble heart. A heart of gold.

In the heart of a person lies the goodness that is kept despite the wounds brought by the battle for survival. The heart is wounded and would try to keep off everything that threatens its peace. The struggles and hardships are all but a desire for acceptance. The need to belong and the need to have somebody to love.

In this page, let us bring you to the simplicity of daily life. The appreciation of love, simple works of goodness and the openness towards growth and contentment.

Why am I here? As the song goes, “Whats my job, whats my goal?”.

We hope that these little stories bring out the goodness in everyone of us, and that we may shine as a light for others.

At the end of the day, the difference whether it is a good day or a bad day is our attitude.

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