Success with my blog

Well, this blog in the end is not supposed to be about me, but about to inspire you to success, but of course for now I would need some followers as there are none or not many visiting this site yet. And of course the site is not visited or not a lot as it is new and does not have a lot of content yet. And I’m not even sure if it’s interesting content already.

So after a discussion with a friend of mine yesterday evening he suggested that one of the ways to e.g. get comments on my blog so I would know if it has useful posts or other content is to involve other bloggers, e.g. by commenting on their posts. Good idea I thought, so I started searching for something like ‘inspiration for success blog’ and ended up here.

And got some more advice straight away. So just ask and you will be given! I asked for advice and got more advice than I could imagine in a very, very short time!

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