Sample for success

Last night I was thinking further about my own goals and dreams and this blog. It came to me that I guess I am successful in many ways, but that I don’t consider myself successful at the moment, or at least don’t feel it. So I’m not much of a sample, so how would you believe me.

And yes, a good basketball coach doesn’t need to be a good basketball player, so I could be a coach to inspire people to success, even if I don’t consider myself successful, but still.

Also I realized that part of the reason for this blog is to help me achieve the success I’m still looking for. So why not combine the two goals. So slowly I came up with the idea to relate the success of this blog more closely to the success I’m looking for at the moment, where the success I’m looking for is a monetary goal (and no, my main goal is not about money, but I do need money to achieve it).

Thinking further, as I am getting my current inspiration from Think and Grow Rich, I may want to create a test case and take you with me on the road to success. One of the phrases in the book that inspired me was something like ‘when money (or success) starts to come in, it comes in so quickly that one may be amazed where it has been hiding so long’.

I’m still very hesitant to share what is in my head, as it doesn’t really feel good yet, it feels kind of abusive to you, my readers, even though the idea has been there for a long time already and is also already implicitly in this site and my related site op weg naar success (on the road to success in Dutch).

But again, one of the principles of success is not to be affected or not to be affected too much of what others think, so I’ll just start this. For now, just check the page sample goal.

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