Think and …

This morning i was lying in bed, thinking. And i felt guilty, because I shouldn’t be lying in bed. Then a whole process started and I started to realize how negative my thinking pattern is, all based on guilt and ‘should’ and ‘should do’ and ‘take action’ and … And i was just lying in bed, thinking, making big discoveries. And I just felt guilt about the lying in bed. i did not feel successful because of the big discoveries I made. Weird, isn’t it? And while thinking about this I feel guilty again as I ‘should’ feel happy because I just made this big discovery and I’m not.

Even right now, while writing this, I feel guilty. Should’ I share this? Shouldn’t I be doing something ‘useful’?

Then my partner started saying things like what I should do. And I felt guilty again.

And the guilt started me making think of excuses, why I was doing this, or why I was still in bed while I ‘shouldn’t’.

So yes, it seems my whole thinking pattern is completely destructive, just based on what others think and want me to do, not on what I think is right, not on just being me.

And again, I’m feeling guilty now, as I’m not sure what to write, how to convey this message, how to inspire you to get out of your negative thinking.

So yes, maybe I just made a big discovery. Maybe this is why the book is called ‘Think and Grow Rich’, not ‘Do and Grow Rich’. And maybe I should(?) just be me and you should just be you.

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