What if you lost the desire

You lost the desire

That’s a tough one, if you lost the desire. It is tough as we think desire is the most important driving force in life, so if it’s gone there is basically nothing more to live for, nothing more to do, no plans and no actions needed. And if it is gone it is of the utmost importance to relight it, as it is the starting point of everything. So read on for inspiration on how to relight your desire.

Fortunately life has built in safety valve to deal with this as in most cases when we lose the desire we keep going on some kind of built in ‘desire to live’, we go into survival mode. However, we believe that life is to be lived, not to be survived. That’s what this site is about, to inspire you for success, to inspire you to live.

Desire, the starting point

And yes, we think the starting point for everything is desire. The starting point for life is desire. So if you don’t have it or lost it that’s a big thing.

And I, Guus, kind of lost it. And I think I also know how I lost it. It’s still there though, but it’s buried deep down under things that didn’t work out.

And now I need to think how to continue, how to make this into a useful page for you.

And what I’m thinking now is that mostly I relight my desire by deciding that my original desire is real, that what i want and wanted in life is really what i want and wanted.

Another thing I often do is acknowledge that i lost the desire, that there is something wrong. And indulge in it, feel it, live it. Often only after I have taken some time for this, just indulge in my negative and bad feelings, I can move on, do something.

So maybe step 1: indulge in it, feel it, acknowledge it.

Initial draft by Guus on May 16, 2013

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