Principles of Success

This site originates from and is based on the Principles of Success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. And as we want to provide additional value related to that we created tools related to your definite purpose and the Principles of Success, meaning you can work on your own definite purpose and your own progress in using or understanding the Principles of Success by creating an acount and entering your definite purpose and your usage or understanding of the Principles of Success in this site. Just go here to login or register.


Recently I am working on pages and posts related to the trip I made end of 2016.

Inspiration for Success


So what is Inspiration for Success, why Inspiration for Success? Well, we guess many people or maybe even all people are looking for success. And inspiration makes  things move, makes ‘life’, is a positive driver for success. Maybe inspiration is the only thing that makes things move in a positive way, in a fulfilling way.

Of course inspiration can come from within. And maybe you are a person who doesn’t need additional inspiration, inspiration from ‘outside’. In that case this site may have not much or nothing to offer to you.

But maybe you need external inspiration, or some additional inspiration. And that’s exactly why we built this website: Inspiration for Success is intended to give you additional inspiration, or all the inspiration. It is intended for you if you don’t have any, don’t feel any inspiration, or don’t have it or feel it anymore.


Inspiration makes  things move, makes ‘life’, is a positive driver for success. Maybe inspiration is the only thing that makes things move in a positive way, in a fulfilling way. And we guess inspiration is an easier way than motivation, although you will also find information, links and exercises to motivate you if you need motivation or some more motivation.


So why inspiration for success? Why success?

Well, we think most people, probably including you, are looking for success, want to be successful, want to be successful in life. And even if you are successful you may be looking for more success. Or there may be areas in your life where you want to be more successful.

And it may be interesting to know that over time, while building the site and thinking about and researching success, we found that success comes in many forms and can mean many things to many people. So our project became more interesting and bigger than we originally intended. Think of:

  • Success in life.
  • Success in love.
  • Success in work or career (many or most websites relate to this).
  • Success in sports.
  • Small successes.
  • Big successes.
  • Etc.

You may want to read more about this, including links to the various success sections on our page success.

Origin Inspiration for Success

So the origin of the success part of Inspiration for Success was that the founder of the site was looking for success in life, considered himself not successful. And he figured out that he had and had had a lack of inspiration. And he thought there might be people like him not having success for a similar reason. That there may be people who had not been inspired, had no one to inspire them to achieve success.

So he thought a website might be a way to give people the inspiration they need, either through articles and exercises or making connections between ‘inspirators’ and people who need to be inspired.

So this is it, as of the moment still a work in progress, but we already have quite some content about inspiration, motivation and success, including a page with words of inspiration and some exercises to inspire you to achieve success.

Change the world

And the more I am working on this site, the more I am thinking and reading and talking to other people, the more I want to change the world. As there are some things that I think we can do much better as humanity. And somehow we don’t, some how we don’t manage.

And the main thing is that in my opinion we can produce anything we want, produce anything anybody could ever want, everything that any body in the world wants. And some how we are not able to organize that, somehow we are stuck in some old economical principles that seem to be outdated. Things like you need to work hard to get all those material things, to get money. But many people are doing nothing, or nothing really useful in ‘producing’ anything. And if we look around us there is abundance of everything as every shop seems to want to sell more and have more stock than what anybody could ever want.

So how to change that? I have no clue yet. But somehow I have the feeling that we have to change our economic system as there is an awful lot of producing power, but very little buying power. And is this situation not what we always wanted? Being able to get anything (material) we want without working? And now we can do that with enough people willing to work and enough machines to do the (remaining) work, we don’t do it.

Weird, but let’s change it, let’s distribute things better, let’s find a way.