One of the things we want to offer on this site are exercises to help you achieve success. We’re still starting, so we don’t have many yet, but please find below already some exercises to inspire you to achieve your desire, goal or success.


Want to learn to be more persistent to experience more joy? Check the persistence exercise ‘challenge’.

Lost desire

I believe everything starts with desire, so when you don’t have it or lost it, it’s the first thing to work on.

To help you light or relight your desire we created a page with desire exercises.

Finding your main goal

For now just see the page your goal for this exercise. Will move it later here.

Converting limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs

I, Guus, was just working on my current limiting beliefs, so this is real experience. I did it before, but just noticed my first draft can be improved.

In order to convert limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs do the following;

  1. Write down your limiting beliefs.
  2. Look at the limiting beliefs one by one and rephrase each of them into a supporting belief.
  3. Make a list of the supporting beliefs only and print it.
  4. Read the list aloud.
  5. While reading the list aloud you will probably find things that ‘do not feel right’. Rephrase the beliefs that don’t ‘feel right’ and print the document again.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the rephrased beliefs feel ‘right’.
  7. Read the document aloud once or twice a day and you will be amazed with the result.

You can find a sample of steps 1 and 2 on the page sample beliefs, this is my actual list related to this exercies. You can find a sample of step 3 through the page suporting beliefs May 1, 2013.

Changing thoughts

When you are in a negative thought pattern it’s not always to get out of it, change it into something better, of course preferably positive.

Some tricks sometimes work for me:

  • Just count 10 times from 1 to 100. Do this every day.
  • Write down a sequence of strange words, like five to ten, and keep repeating the sequence for five minutes. Do this every day.

We are not a psychologists, but sometimes this does work for and even if it doesn’t work we’re quite sure it has some effect in the long run.

I think this principle is also partly the background of Buddhist chanting of Nam-MyoHo-Renge-Kyo, although there is a lot more to that than just focusing.

And you may want to check the Exercise Power of Feelings.

Program for success

You may not be programmed for success. If so, you may want to check the exercise program yourself for success.

Needing people

Success depends on the support of other people. You may want to read the page Think Right Toward People or go straight to the related exercise.

What if you are down?

I started a page on how to deal with being down: what if you are down. It links to pages with suggestions and exercises what to do or not to do when you are down.

Make something happen

We just got an e-mail from another blog with a very good exercise about how to make something happen: Draw your Line in the Sand.

Created by Guus on May 1, 2013. Revised by Guus on May 25, May 27 and June 8 2013.

2 thoughts on “Exercises

  1. Marcell Corbin

    Hey, my name is jahlayoh aka marcell and I really like what you’re saying about success and inspiration. I myself have been very unmotivated lately, yet I still have that small urge of wanting to be successful and create something that can be life-changing to millions of people. Some of what you said really helped rekindle that fire of passion I was missing, so I wanted to thank you.


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