Infinite Intelligence

Infinite Intelligence definition?

Infinite Intelligence

I found this on Arnold Patent’s blog:

“Within all energy is an intelligence that is infinite, eternal and purposeful. This Infinite Intelligence, which we sometimes refer to as God, or simply love, is the source of all creative expression and the essential Power in the Universe.

The way we view our Infinite Intelligence, or God, is precisely the way we see and feel about our Self and the way we experience life. When we perceive God as an unconditionally loving and supportive energy at all times and under all circumstances, we experience our world as totally safe, and everyone in it as loving and supportive.”

And I like it, so I’ll just share it here.

Infinite Intelligence or God

This page started from the relation to the book Think and Grow Rich, from the ideas of Napoleon Hill. But now, December 2, 2013, I was writing about it and was thinking things like ‘awesome’ and ‘undescribable’. As I was raised as a Christian and God to me is still some awesome powerful ‘figure’ that I still somehow see as this judge on his pulpit. This old wise man with a grey beard, mostly very angry and judgmental, but also very wise and all powerful.

We are God

And just now, or not really now, now, I thought that I am just God, that we are just God, that God is just “The Stuff That Everything Is Made Of”. That there is no judgement, that we are just judging ourselves. That we are just struggling to find answers, just like God would, answers about what it’s all about, why there is something like ‘consciousness’.

And no, I don’t have all the answers. I guess humans, as we are right now, will probably never find ‘the’ answer, the answer to everything.

Or maybe this is just the answer, that there is no answer.

Maybe the only question is why we suffer so much, as I feel a lot of suffering inside and with what I read and see around me many, or even all people are suffering.

And as I guess we all just want to feel good, maybe the only question is how we can feel good.

And maybe that’s what I hear about ‘giving’, the thing I never really understood, that we just need to ‘give’ to others, be kind to others, help others to, well, I don’t know. Something like finding unity again by giving to others, those other parts of ourselves, of God, that we don’t understand, don’t consider being part of us, being part of the whole.

And yes, with what I now know there is nothing like ‘reality’. It’s all in the mind, it’s all about ‘being conscious’.

And maybe there is only something like being compassionate, accepting everything as it is, having no judgments, just being kind and accepting, allowing.

See also

See also:

And maybe:

Maybe it is also what recently was called The Secret, although The Secret I guess is basically related to the Principles of Success as a whole, not to Infinite Intelligence.

I found a very good article on Infinite Intelligence here.


6 thoughts on “Infinite Intelligence

  1. Gustav Barnard

    Hi there,

    I have read Napoleon Hill’s book, watched the secret several times and has read many other books on the subject including the monk who sold his ferrari. I believe 100% in it and the principles. The fact of the matter is that it is not that easy to take full control of your mind and your thoughts. It takes time and practise and most of all persistence. I have not mastered it yet and has been working on it for more than a year. I am however much better off than before wrt controlling my own mind. Is their anybody that has achieved this easily or withing the first 30 days of applying these mental exercises? I would love to hear from anyone.

    1. Guus Post author

      Hi Gustav,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have also been working on this for a long, long time and started in 2012 with the ideas of Napoleon Hill, working the book Think and Grow Rich. Only recently I am seeing it all come all together, partly because of a Twelve Step Program I started to join.

      Re-reading Think and Grow Rich now has given new dimensions. It is true what Napoleon Hill states, that after a while ‘one does not want to stop’ as more and more things are being reveiled, yes through the same text. I just see different things now. Not sure if there is an easy way towards what I am experiencing now, am experiencing recently. Right now everything seems to point to Infinite Intelligence and Faith. But I am sure there is still more,


      1. Gary Felton

        I started reading think and grow rich when I was 17 it IS very difficult to master self , but if you are really willing to go to any length , it is so worth it , with this help you CAN get there in no time keep your own council – think for your self never give up if you can be persistent you already have faith read the chapter on persistence the answers to the questions is yes and yes its like magic , and read the chapter on the subconscious mind you are closer to possessing the Key than you think I can now accomplish any goal as easily as I could lay down and quit at the first sign of opposition once you possess the key you would not believe what you can be or do remember there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge it will be what you think if you are determined you will understand all of this and Arrive I know if I had had this help early on it wouldn’t have taken me 43 years , but it was so worth it there is nothing I can’t do now

    2. John Pham

      I was able to achieve this within 2-3 weeks without having ever heard of infinite intelligence until yesterday. I have been able to do immense things such as seeing into the future, controlling my reality, understanding any concept, and explaining anyone’s life purpose among other things. I had been describing this to my best friend and brother recently and they told me to read the chapter on Infinite Intelligence in Think and Grow Rich. Apparently, I was able to unlock this infinite intelligence within only a few weeks without knowing that this exited beforehand and while defining my steps very concisely. I am writing a blog now about this. Please feel free to contact me at as I am seeking people like you to verify my methods of reaching infinite intelligence and the ability to exponentially grow subconsciously. Basically, my mind has been on autopilot and I am no longer able to mindblow myself because nothing is impossible anymore.

  2. kenneth grandy

    I enquiring about infinite intelligence and came across your testimony. looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Joseph Mode Omigbemi

    I have read “think and grow rich” several times but it’s now I am getting deeper understanding of the book. I am like starting all over again, I think it’s because I am now very mature in mind with added of years to my age. The results are now becoming evident.


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