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Needs update

I am learning that most of our behavior comes from the subconscious mind and that it controls more than 90% of what we do and achieve, so this page definitely needs attention as this is what I wrote here before, which is not much:

The subconscious mind plays an important role in the ideas of Napoleon Hill about achieving success and I am also experiencing more and more the power that is within us and we can’t see directly, can’t fully understand and often don’t know how to use. So how would I write about this except for now that the last year, two years, I indeed often close my eyes when I need to make a decision or don’t know what to do anymore. And often it helps, often I just get an answer and if I follow it I find I am on the right way or good things come to me.

So for now, if you don’t know, just close your eyes and open up for the things your Subconscious Mind or Infinite Intelligence is telling you.”

I think it is also incorrect, as one doesn’t listen to ones subconscious mind. I don’t think Infinite Intelligence is communicating through the subconscious mind. Infinite Intelligence is something completely different I guess.

And yes, I am getting away from Think and Grow Rich, although as far as I remember that also is about reprogramming the subconscious mind, so it seems at the time Napoleon Hill also acknowledged the importance of (re)programming the subconscious mind.

External references

And I just searched Google and found an article about (re)programming the subconscious mind that sounds workable: reprogramming the subconscious mind. Of course I guess there are many more articles with good techniques.

And I just got the idea to maybe use the techniques in this page and let you know about the results. I will write about it here.

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