A bit sad

I am a bit sad as one of our dogs seems to be very sick. And she has been sick for quite a while, but today she couldn’t eat anymore, at least she didn’t keep anything in her stomach and she was not able to walk properly as she is very weak.

And I know she is getting old and I knew for quite a while she was not okay, but I felt there was nothing much I could do. But today it hit me a bit as ‘if I would have had more money’ I might have had a car and would have followed up with the vet earlier.

And no, I guess it wouldn’t make that much difference and yes, I asked the vet to come over tomorrow, but still.

Just wanted to share and also that I decided not to write last Saturday as it seems all so pointless as I just can’t get this site going.

Anyhow, today a little sharing and a post again, so I am still moving.

And yes, Ulla gave us a lot, but still sad to see I can’t do so much as of the moment.

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