A little stressed and tired

Today I was a little bit stressed and tired. And I am not fully sure why, as I had a good weekend and ‘should have’ (imagine what I am stating here) been fully rested and such (for the new week). And while writing this I am starting to realize more and more how crazy it is what I am writing here, as why should a weekend day be that different, or at least ‘better’ than a weekday.

I still believe life should be enjoyed, and somehow we have programmed the world to make a separation between ‘work’ and ‘pleasure’. How crazy can we be?

And yes, I guess in ancient times ‘work’ might have been really necessary just to survive. But I doubt if ‘work’ (hunting and such) was considered as stressful as most (working) people consider it today.

And yes, I do take breaks, as you may or may not know that on Sundays I normally don’t send my daily quote and I don’t write my (daily) blog posts and neither do I update my gratitude diary. And on Sundays I normally don’t work, I normally don’t turn on my (working) computer. As indeed I believe that humans need something like a weekly break from their daily routine. And yes, I often feel obligations as ‘work’ or ‘stress’, including my daily activities related to Inspiration for Success. And yes, I ‘worked’ yesterday, because I just felt like it, because I just thought it was fun to turn on my computer and do some work type stuff.

So well, it seems we have something interesting here, because the question rises if my ‘working’ on yesterday was (part of) my stress today. And I don’t know the answer to that, as there are some other stress things going on right now, which I think have much more influence on me than the stuff I did yesterday and I did not consider ‘work’.

Still interesting how I started this post, the thought of separating ‘work’ and ‘pleasure’ as most of us normally do. And how we should deal with that in the future. As I believe humanity somehow has past the point of ‘needing to work’, probably deeply rooted in the ideas of the bible, the bible that I believe still defines most of our culture, at least Western culture.

So let’s think a bit more about this and how to organize this. As that is one of the main reasons for this blog, this site: not linking ‘work’ and ‘income/money’ to ‘fulfilling needs and wants’. As these things have nothing to do with each other, at least not anymore, in 2014.

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