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Recently I have worked a bit from the “Your Best Life Now” journal from Joel Osteen and the more I read all this ‘self help’ stuff the more I realize it’s all the same. Today I encountered day 1 from Step Three (Discover the Power of Your Thoughts and Words), which basically is nothing else than the message of Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich that was a main part of the foundation of this site and the project Inspiration for Success. I presume it even comes from the ideas of Napoleon Hill as the key truth for today he states is:

“When you think positive, excellent thoughts, you will be propelled toward greatness.”

And reading the chapter many ideas are similar to what Napoleon Hill states, even though they are stated in a Christian way.

And yes, reading all this stuff and signing up for ‘self help’ type websites, partially for research for this project and applying all these principles and listening to audio’s and applying all kinds of principles is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. Because nothing really changed in my life, actually recently it kind of got worse somehow, especially business wise, even though as a person I feel that I still grow. And apparently I’m not the only one who is in need or hooked up to all this self help stuff, otherwise this ‘self help industry’ wouldn’t exist.

And I want this site, and the project Inspiration for Success, to be different. I don’t want Inspiration for Success be just another self help site. And until now it isn’t, as there are no advertisements and you don’t have to enter your e-mail address when entering the site.

And don’t get me wrong. There is nothing really wrong with how ‘self help sites’ work, first ‘being found’ in a specific way, then asking for an e-mail address and then sending daily or weekly message. Although I am starting to be turned off with all the implicit selling that’s being done. So yes, that’s how the industry works. And it means its industry. And I’m starting to get more and more convinced something needs to change in the way we have organized our world as you also may have read in other posts and pages of me. As I think humanity can do better than ‘industry’. And ‘industry’ is everywhere, it’s how the world works, it’s how we get our daily food, it’s how we are entertained, it’s how our cars and refrigerators and all our other stuff is being provided to us.

But it doesn’t work like that for everybody. It works most for the people who ‘fit’ the system, but it doesn’t work for large groups of people, at the moment even including me. As the whole system is based on money in some kind of greedy type of way. And there is nothing wrong with that. As that is the way how the system came into being, how we all, literally all, benefit from food being available and medicines, yes, also for many poor people I guess. And for being able to move around with cars or motorcycles or public transportation.

But somehow I think we can do better. And I don’t know how, as money indeed is a convenient means for the exchange of services and goods. But somehow money has become a goal in itself, and it has been already for a long time I guess as also the bible states things like money should not be treated as a God or something. And the recent financial crisis, that has been going on for years now, is some kind of signal that we may want to move forward to a better system. And I don’t know how, but I’m quite sure humanity can find a better way to provide humans with their daily and not so daily needs and wants.

But maybe start with the self help industry, with this site. As I consider this site a part of the self help industry, even though I don’t fully like it, being part of an industry, especially ‘self help’, especially if it’s about improving the deepest parts of people, of people’s lives, of their soul and well being.

So I’m looking for ways to let you really benefit from this site, this project. So you would really get and achieve what you want. As somehow these sites and books and courses and, and, and don’t seem to work. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an industry. Or would it?

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