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Well, it seems I can’t post my project on Kickstarter because I’m a resident of The Philippines, so I’ll just post here what I just entered: Makes me think if I really did the right thing backing someone on Kickstarter. So it’s okay to receive my money and letting me enter my whole project, but not to give something to me just because of my location.

Short description

It is about time Inspiration for Success comes alive, yes, with photos’, so a decent simple camera would be very welcome.


I have been working on the site Inspiration for Success for more than one and a half year now. One of the things I want to change in the world is to honor effort directly instead of indirectly, meaning I want to ‘receive’ things or money or whatever directly and not e.g. through advertisements or affiliate links. Until now that means I have not received anything related to the site, except support from previous team members, some e-mails from people liking my quotes, visitors to the site, a lot of experience writing and thinking and more material things. As I want to enhance the site with photo’s as I often write about my own experiences, I need a camera, which I don’t have and for which I don’t have the budget. My asking for it through a text in the right widget did not give any result yet, so I encountered Kickstarter just now and thought this may be the way to receive my camera so I can enhance the site with photo’s and of course also enjoy making photo’s in general of course and for my web development business..

Risks and challenges

There are no real risks involved, but it may be a challenge to put profiles and photo’s of 76 people in the site as I cannot fully predict how much time that would take. And a challenge would be to find and put at least one photo for each post after I get the camera, a challenge I am deliberating right now.

Give and receive

Well, I wanted to receive EUR 750.00 for a decent camera with two ‘give backs’:

  1. A maximum of 75 ‘givers’ being honored on a page in his site (minimum donation EUR 10.00).
  2. One ‘giver’ to be honored in the right widget where my current camera request resides (minimum donation EUR 100.00).

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