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Better to reach or receive

For quite a while I have the feeling to start writing here again, or just write maybe once. And I already started with that a bit, but somehow I want to go back to the regular writing, but it seems it is still not the time for that.

But today I want to share something important, which was triggered with some changes in my Desire Document. And don’t get me wrong, I never made substantial changes in my Desire Document, even though in the end I may do that. But as time passes I am learning new things, have learned to look at things different, and that made me rephrase some things in my Desire Document as that just ‘felt‘ better.

So today I was sharing part of my Desire Document with someone, and I realized there was still something like ‘achieving goals’, and recently my believe changed in the way that I believe that we as human beings cannot ‘achieve things’, ‘achieve goals’. Somehow these things are given to us. As without God or Infinite Intelligence or whatever Higher Power you believe in, agrees with things happening, things won’t happen. And I started believing that based on the idea of Higher Power in Twelve Step programs and it seemed fully contrary to all self help stuff and even contrary to everything written in Think and Grow Rich. But to my amazement starting to read Think and Grow Rich again after I had put it away for a while because it was just ‘too much’ for me to handle, I saw Napoleon Hill states exactly the same thing: that without invoking Infinite Intelligence nothing will really happen. And I guess that is the secret he is talking about in many places in the book, at least for me, as you may read and interpret the book different than I did.

So I was triggered by something like achieving a goal. And with my current beliefs I cannot ‘achieve’ a goal, cannot achieve anything without some Higher Power helping me or doing it for me. And no, I don’t know how that works and why it is like that as I am only human and cannot understand how the world works. But as Napoleon Hill also states, things happen according to the laws of the universe and this seems to be one of them, that without any help or approval of the Higher Power of The Universe nothing happens.

So I am starting to change things like ‘achieve‘ into ‘receive‘ or reach and things like ‘goal‘ into ‘desire‘. As I can’t do it alone.

And I am starting to agree with Napoleon Hill and what I find in many other places: that you can’t get to the point where I am right now in an easy way, like by just reading this article. You have to (oh, how I hate this phrase ‘have to’) do the work. But indeed, it is not hard work, it is more like searching for the spiritual. And looking back it also doesn’t feel like ‘have to’.


3D WordcraftWell, I was a bit confused yesterday. As John Pitkin from 3dWordCraft e-mailed me about advertising on this site (or in the e-mail) related to the daily inspirational quote. As he is selling 3D objects with words. And of course that would be perfect for quotes. So someone liking one of the quotes I send, might want to have a physical object with that quote.

So this is a great idea and I believe would certainly benefit people, but, the business model I chose is about ‘give and receive’ and not about ‘selling’, getting money directly for services or products, in this case advertising.

And wow, I just checked his site and I am laughing, as it appears to be a one page very simple site and it is built with Drupal. That’s like renting a super crane to move a small bench or something. But that’s not what this post is about, although it is a bit as of course I also would like to share my knowledge about websites and sell my services related to that.

Anyhow, the last is of course applicable as this is about selling through the internet and this page is certainly intended for promoting 3dWordCraft by e.g. putting some links to his site and to the shop.

The main issue is here that I am confronted with an idea that is very good, where I often see ‘selling’ and ‘advertising’ as bad. And the problem I am encountering a bit is that if I ‘give’ without ‘receiving’ (money) means I am the one in charge of what is going to happen, what is being displayed or posted or sent or whatever. Where it is also logical that a person advertising, selling his or her services, would want to have (full?) control over how the advertising is going to happen.

So somehow my chosen business model is about control as it implies I want full control over how this site looks like and what the functionality is. Which has a good side, but apparently also a (possible?) bad side.

So very well worth rethinking the business model I have in mind and how that would or could or should work in the real world. As John Pitkin really threw me off balance with his request. Which is a good thing. Thank you, John.


Alternative for Kickstarter

Well, it seems I can’t post my project on Kickstarter because I’m a resident of The Philippines, so I’ll just post here what I just entered: Makes me think if I really did the right thing backing someone on Kickstarter. So it’s okay to receive my money and letting me enter my whole project, but not to give something to me just because of my location.

Short description

It is about time Inspiration for Success comes alive, yes, with photos’, so a decent simple camera would be very welcome.


I have been working on the site Inspiration for Success for more than one and a half year now. One of the things I want to change in the world is to honor effort directly instead of indirectly, meaning I want to ‘receive’ things or money or whatever directly and not e.g. through advertisements or affiliate links. Until now that means I have not received anything related to the site, except support from previous team members, some e-mails from people liking my quotes, visitors to the site, a lot of experience writing and thinking and more material things. As I want to enhance the site with photo’s as I often write about my own experiences, I need a camera, which I don’t have and for which I don’t have the budget. My asking for it through a text in the right widget did not give any result yet, so I encountered Kickstarter just now and thought this may be the way to receive my camera so I can enhance the site with photo’s and of course also enjoy making photo’s in general of course and for my web development business..

Risks and challenges

There are no real risks involved, but it may be a challenge to put profiles and photo’s of 76 people in the site as I cannot fully predict how much time that would take. And a challenge would be to find and put at least one photo for each post after I get the camera, a challenge I am deliberating right now.

Give and receive

Well, I wanted to receive EUR 750.00 for a decent camera with two ‘give backs’:

  1. A maximum of 75 ‘givers’ being honored on a page in his site (minimum donation EUR 10.00).
  2. One ‘giver’ to be honored in the right widget where my current camera request resides (minimum donation EUR 100.00).