Finishing things

This morning I decided to replace my ‘savings box‘ with another box with a cover, so I could put my not on top to avoid other people in my household (and myself) to use the money in it. And that replacement had been overdue for one or two days, as I prepared the box one or two days ago. So as I wanted to have a clean box I decided to take off the remains of a sticker that were still stuck on the box. And of course that took quite a bit more effort than I wanted or expected, so of course after one minute or so thought, well, what the heck, let’s just leave the rest of the sticker and just use the box anyhow. But somehow something inside me said that I should just finish my sticker removing process. As recently I encountered relatively quite often something about doing things right, no matter how small. And something like starting with small things.

Savings Box

And recently I am experiencing indeed how important it is to finish things, no matter what. And I knew that already, but I never really put a lot of attention to it. So looking back I presume I have left an awful lot of things ‘unfinished’, just because it was not worth the trouble or I didn’t want to spend the time on it. Or because it was ‘too difficult’. But recently I am much, much more serious on finishing things, on finishing things I started, on doing and finishing things I planned. And somehow it seems that is very important, as somehow I have slowly acquired a ‘finishing habit‘.

So this morning I decided to get the sticker material off the box, no matter what. And I did and it gave me a very good feeling. And yes, it still took more time and effort than I expected or wanted, even though in total it was maybe less than fifteen minutes. But I finished it, and somehow that felt very important.

So I can certainly recommend to start small with ‘finishing things’ and other things you want to do or feel like wanting or needing. As if you can’t finish small things, how could you expect to finish large or even huge things?

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