Stop and relax

I still feel very tired and like doing nothing and I keep feeling some kind of guilty about it. I still want to push, to force to do something. Which of course is kind of stupid, as it seems my body or my mind or the Universe or everything seems to tell me to stop. And no, I am not talking about quitting or avoiding something or procrastination, as that is not how it feels like. I just feel tired, exhausted, and indeed something like I should stop and relax.

And no, I still didn’t, as I am still writing this and I still planned some little things for today I am planning to do, to finish. So I did not stop yet. But yes, I should stop as soon as possible, as what I am doing now, kind of forcing myself doing things where everything in me, my whole being and everything around it says ‘stop’. As I am quite sure there is a reason for that feeling, that knowing.

So know the difference between ‘real’ procrastination (sorry, no link here) and listening to your body, to the Universe, to God. And make time to stop, to relax, if everything in and around you tells you to stop. As there is a reason for that and something better will come out of it if you listen.

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