The power of the Desire Document

I had not been reading aloud my desire document for a while, but today somehow I was guided to it by a book of Will Edwards. And it was awesome what happened as this was the first time I was really emotional, even angry, while reading it. And sad and whatever.

And I wrote about it before, about the enormous power there is in the six steps that Napoleon Hill describes as the way to success. And about all the other things in Think and Grow Rich. And yes, you really have to DO it, just reading doesn’t work. And no, I am certainly not where I want to be as of the moment and it is all taking way, way more time than I could have ever imagined, but tonight, just fifteen minutes ago, I felt the enormous power that, well, I don’t know how to say, how to explain, came from doing all those things described in the book.

And I was even able to invoke Infinite Intelligence right now, yes, being angry as I have done everything and more that one could have ever expected from any human being to do in order to get some happiness and success.

And I am not sure where this is going to go and I don’t read my desire document aloud so often anymore, but when I just did I felt the enormous power that I have been summoning for more than two years now. And it felt awesome, so something must come out of it. And yes, it are exactly these things that also feed my belief, seem to have been incorporated in my subconscious mind.

So start now with the six steps, with your desire document and buy the book. And do the things described there. And I am quite sure you will feel the same like me today, tonight, no not straight away, but after repetition and repetition.


Power or control

Power is positive, trying to control someone else is something else:

“When we attempt to exercise power or control over someone else, we cannot avoid giving that person the very same power or control over us.”Alan Wilson Watts

Negative association

I have. Guus, a very negative association with the word power, which is kind of weird as once during a training it came out that my three keywords are “loving, joyful and powerful”.

And I think I am starting to understand why as i associate the word power with dictatorship and I figured out lately that I tend to want things ‘my way’ in a bad way, which I am thinking right now may have been my biggest handicap in achieving the success I so badly need and want.

The power of the Master Mind

Preparing for my meeting with my Master Mind group for this project I was re-reading the chapter about Master Mind in Think and Grow Rich and I think I am starting to understand what has been going on with me and why it was and maybe still is for me to create a group, a team, a Master Mind.

And I just noticed that the chapter is not called Master Mind, but the “Power of the Master Mind”.

And one of the paragraphs on the first page of that chapter states: “If power is organized knowledge“, let us examine the sources of knowledge.

So power is definitely NOT the power of an individual overruling or ruling others, but something like organizing knowledge, so people, to achieve something.

So my definition of power was wrong. And I guess I also understand why I have so much difficulty as  I am a ‘control freak’ and indeed want things my way. And behind not achieving things the right way is, again, pure fear, fear of not being in control.

My individual page?

Well, while making this page I realize again that basically the site is about me, is me. And i feel bad about it, as i know in the end most of the work for this site, this project and whatever comes from it, will have to be done by other people, even if my name is attached to it. This I don’t like as i don’t want the honor for the work of other people. But maybe it should stay that way, maybe that’s still what success, leadership, being famous is all about. The power to lead a team, the power to create something, the power to create something big. And maybe indeed ‘someone’ has to be the leader, so maybe in this case it should be me, no matter my fear.

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