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When it comes to inspiration many people have their idols in sports. Successful sportsmen are sometimes worshipped as little gods or at least “other” human beings. To become successful in sports means mostly to practice very hard and persistently over many years. Surely, there are very talented people who might have to train less than other people; but in the most cases a lot of regular training is necessary to achieve greater goals in sports and life as well.

In this article, I want to write about people who had great influence or achieved a lot – not only in their respective sport. Some of the mentioned persons inspired millions of people all over the world and will find their way into many history books even in future:

  • Pélé: is for sure one of the most important soccer players – maybe the most important and most famous one. Soccer or football is probably the sport no. 1 in the whole world with countless followers. That is why soccer has even a great political meaning nowadays: Brazil is undergoing many changes due to the world championship in 2014 and will have an enormous impact.
  • Muhammad Ali: if it comes to boxing, then Muhammad will always count as one of the most inspiring boxers ever seen.
  • Diana Nyad: I first wanted to write about Ian Thorpe as one of the most inspiring and most successful swimmers; but for me, Diana takes his place because she was the first human being ever that was able to swim from Cuba to Florida. 100 miles, 53 hours, without break. At the young age of 60. We shared here TED-video here already and can only encourage everyone to watch it and never, ever give up!
  • Nadia Elena Comăneci: she scored a perfect 10 for the first time in an Olympic gymnastic event; the Romanian gymnast was winner of three Olympic gold medals.

This video of a football-player is also very inspiring and should help you to be more successful – many thanks to David for sharing it:

Youtube-Video: How Bad Do You Want It? (Success)

We will updates this article every now and then – if you think there is an important person missing, then please feel free and write a comment! Thank you:D

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