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About John

I have a background in history and philosophy, but also started to work as an online marketer in 2008. After I graduated at the LMU Munich in spring 2013, I moved to my second home, the Philippines. At the moment, I am traveling the Philippine islands mostly on my bicycle, joining triathlon and marathon events, surfing the internet as a webworker and writing about my travels and life journey on many different websites. I write on Inspiration for Success, Philippinen Tours and a few more projects. I wish that we are able to inspire you! Have a nice day John

Inspiring people in sports

When it comes to inspiration many people have their idols in sports. Successful sportsmen are sometimes worshipped as little gods or at least “other” human beings. To become successful in sports means mostly to practice very hard and persistently over many years. Surely, there are very talented people who might have to train less than other people; but in the most cases a lot of regular training is necessary to achieve greater goals in sports and life as well. Continue reading

How sports can inspire and help you to be more successful

I recently published an article about my first triathlon here in the Philippines and I am quite happy about the fact that so many people enjoyed reading the post – thank you for your interest!

During the last couple of weeks and months, a few people were asking me about how I could spend so much time with my (almost) daily training; and I would always reply something like “I just got used to it” and “I need that exercise to balance my virtual life as an online marketer”. Continue reading