Last thing of the day

Well, it’s a bit late again, so I guess this is about the last thing of the day, even though I still have to send the second batch of the daily inspirational e-mail and maybe one or two other little things. But I think I am basically finished with what I had planned for the day and it is about time also, as it is already past 2 am.

So not really sure what else to write here, as I’m a bit empty from everything I did today. A day that ended pretty well, even though I couldn’t get started (where the Universe seemed too agree with something like ‘stop’), my computer didn’t want to start, one of the major internet connections in the house broke down, and more like that.

But in the end everything went pretty okay, so I guess right now I’ll stop here and just check my list for today if there are no major things I forgot, but I don’t think so, even though I think I forgot some follow up calls. Or actually I am sure of that. But also there, somehow it must not be the time, as the Universe said ‘stop’ around lunch. And recently I listen better to those messages and often that turns out well.

So yes, make sure to listen to that inner voice. And act upon it. It is there for a reason and often, or I even believe always, has the best in mind for you. Like I find recently that delays just put me in touch with the right people at the right time.

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