Meeting notes Master Mind May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

Present: John, Guus

This was our second virtual meeting through Skype and discussed were the following things;

  • The site needs more ‘pages’ content, informational content and as we want to be the best site on the internet related to ‘inspiration for success’ it needs to be good content. Guus thinks he is good in making the structure and putting ideas for content, like the list of types of success on the page success. He thinks he is also good in writing, but maybe not that good in researching on subjects and make more neutral content, although the site should stay persona.
  • Focus of the site should be ‘inspiration for success’, but not specifically having copies of existing content, although the information should be there. Idea for now is more of a portal site where we link to other sites with more specific information about a subject. At the moment this is already done, as many pages on subjects just have a small text with a link to a site that has more or good information on the subject. These pages should be extended, but linking would still be nice so people can read more about the subject elsewhere.
  • The planning needs to be improved and detailed. Guus will take the lead in this.
  • Putting things like planning and action list and maybe meeting notes on WordPress is not really optimal. John will make an action list on Google docs similar to experience he has with a similar thing.
  • We could outsource (initial) content writing, but better would be to find a Master Mind team member who is good at writing content and likes to write content (and supports our sample goal of course).
  • Advertising on Facebook to get more followers for our Facebook page is an option as John has good experience with it. It would be too soon though as the (pages) content of the site is not yet good enough.
  • The meeting notes of the previous meeting were not explicitly approved, but guess they’re ok as they were commented on.
  • John agrees also to write posts so we will get a more balanced content as he is in a different stage on the road to success than Guus.
  • John thinks we should put names of authors on all articles, so posts and pages. Guus thinks pages should not have an author as they are ‘just content’. As we still want a personal site and not pure objective information we agree to put the authors name also on pages, when revised the name of the person revising should also be put.
  • In order to get more content an option is to look for guest writers. John has experience with inviting people and will take the lead in this.
  • Not discussed: Guus read somewhere that press releases may help to promote a site like this and especially the real time achievement of a goal according to the principles of success.

Initial version by Guus on May 14, 2013

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