My biggest success ever?

Wow, it feels like I’ve achieved my biggest success ever!

I asked someone to be part of my Master Mind Group for this site, for this project and he said yes. And suddenly it feels as if the whole game changes, suddenly I’m not feeling alone anymore. Suddenly also the whole project got a million times bigger.

And yes, of course there is a lot of fear also. Did he know what he got himself into? Does he know what he got himself into. Do I know what I got myself into? Will he not back out when he figures out what it really means? What does it really mean? How would I keep the harmony within the group? What if we have different opinions about things? Will he back out? Would I have to lower down may goal?

And yes, I asked him before, but I didn’t get a reply. No clue why, maybe he just didn’t realize what I was asking. So indeed, no reason not to ask again, so i did. And this time he said yes!

And still, this is exactly what Napoleon Hill is talking about. It’s all fear and limiting beliefs. It’s all excuses NOT to push through with my quest to, yes, get a million or so for myself, AND inspiring other people to achieve success, inspire other people to get their million or whatever they want in life.

But the game changed completely as now it’s not about me alone anymore, but about ‘something to achieve together’. And no, the goal did not lower down, it increased, because I want my Master Mind partner also to have his million through this project! And his input to make this site really a site that inspires people to go for their dreams and realize them!

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