Plant seeds

After my search for the daily quote I kept on reading the page and found the following quote:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”Robert Louis Stevenson

It made me think, made me feel a bit embarrassed as, I guess like most people, I mostly focus on things I want, on things I need.

Of course I think I also plant quite some seeds, like writing a post every day for this website. But looking at the quote, at the end of the day I think in general I tend to count the reaping, not what I have given or sown. I tend to look at the statistics and feeling disappointed that the site is not being found, instead of thinking I may have just have meant something for one person by sending my daily quote. I tend to think about the content that is not yet there instead of thinking of the little things I improved or changed. Or even the one person who might have found something useful on the site.

So yes, there is a lot behind that quote. Many things are just a matter of perspective and there is only so much one person can do on a day. And receiving things or harvesting depends on so many things we don’t really control.

So let’s look a bit more on even the smallest seed we have planted today, or yesterday, and be happy about it, feel satisfied about it. As maybe that’s what life is all about, the little things.

And let’s not forget that planting even one little seed every day would mean a whole forest of small trees after one year and may be a whole rain-forest that even multiplies and takes care of itself after ten or twenty years.

And nothing to reap there, but a lot to enjoy walking in the rain-forest or just looking at it or just knowing it’s there.

What do you think? Would you be willing to share your thoughts about harvesting and reaping below?

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