Reality or addiction?

In my quest for inspiration and success I signed up to quite some sites, meaning I get quite some e-mails with ‘inspirational stuff’. I keep wondering though what is the real story behind it, like are the people behind those sites really into helping people or is it (in the end) all about sales?

Like today I got a very long e-mail from Ed Lester from The Abundance Index pointing to an even longer web page. And the style of the e-mail as well as the webpage is very familiar. As it is written in the style of something that I want. And it is written very well, as I kept on reading, even though I started thinking if it was worth my time reading it all. As it felt like it would lead me to one thing: buying something, which it did. Or clicking on the link if we talk about the e-mail.

And with these type of self help sites, organizations, people, I always see someone very successful or rich or whatever. And they always want to help me. And it seems they always want money for that. And it seems all the people who signed up for their stuff, paid for it, became richer or more successful or whatever.

And I am starting to doubt if it is all true, if you can become successful or rich by buying the stuff on offer.

So maybe worth some more investigation.


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