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Flexible discipline and habit

I am still struggling with going the extra mile and discipline and habit as right now I am tired (again) and don’t really feel like writing a post here and certainly not the next self analysis post.

And yes, I am seeing and feeling the power of habit as I am writing here now. And I am still making the bed every day, even though sometimes, very sometimes, just before I go to bed. But I do it.

And I also feel the habit of doing my little exercise in the morning, even though recently I was not able to do the sets of twenty as is basically my goal, but mostly sets of five that I mostly try to increase over the days.

So yes, these habits have brought me something and they are very powerful. But I am starting to realize I also seem to have developed the habit of being unhappy (instead of happy) and I have no clue how to change that, as all these self help ‘tricks’ don’t seem to help.

And yes, somehow I still don’t feel like I am able to control my thoughts, maybe the most important thing to do in life, maybe the most important message from Think and Grow Rich, from Napoleon Hill.

And I feel like I (still) lost all my desire and recently I lost almost all my sex drive, even though the last always was one of my wishes. But now I have it it’s no fun, as indeed I believe that sex is the major driver of human action, and I am also kind of experiencing that right now, as without my sex drive everything seems so dull, so useless, so aimless.

Ah, and I got back to my daily planning, and it is working, as it gives me some direction for every day and helps me finish things and makes me feel somehow kind of satisfied when I notice that I have all the things that I planned for a day.

So yes, I know all the tricks and even apply many or most or all of them, even keeping a daily gratitude diary.

But no, I am still not living, there is still something missing and I have no clue what, or how to get it, even though I feel it must be there.

So no, not a positive post today, although writing this down, making this analysis, could be the start of finding a solution, the solution. The solution how to live and enjoy life.


Ah, one good thing, as while finishing this post Ulla came to me, the dog that is still alive because,. next to other things, I decided to bring her to the vet, do everything I could to make her survive. And her coming to me just now gave me a very good feeling, even made me kind of feel happy.

Reality or addiction?

In my quest for inspiration and success I signed up to quite some sites, meaning I get quite some e-mails with ‘inspirational stuff’. I keep wondering though what is the real story behind it, like are the people behind those sites really into helping people or is it (in the end) all about sales?

Like today I got a very long e-mail from Ed Lester from The Abundance Index pointing to an even longer web page. And the style of the e-mail as well as the webpage is very familiar. As it is written in the style of something that I want. And it is written very well, as I kept on reading, even though I started thinking if it was worth my time reading it all. As it felt like it would lead me to one thing: buying something, which it did. Or clicking on the link if we talk about the e-mail.

And with these type of self help sites, organizations, people, I always see someone very successful or rich or whatever. And they always want to help me. And it seems they always want money for that. And it seems all the people who signed up for their stuff, paid for it, became richer or more successful or whatever.

And I am starting to doubt if it is all true, if you can become successful or rich by buying the stuff on offer.

So maybe worth some more investigation.


Self help

I am still thinking how I could make this site, this project more useful, more useful for myself and more useful for you. And yesterday while working on the Top Inspirational Sites page I was a bit in doubt what to do, I was asking myself if I had made an error. And the doubt crept in  because the traffic to the site went down a bit. And being an internet marketer and looking for success (=a lot of traffic to the site, a lot of people reading my stuff) I was thinking if it has been a good idea to focus on the page Top Inspirational Sites. As that was kind of a reaction to the traffic, to the page that is and was the most popular page on the site. And yes, as far as I remember one of the goals of this site is to point people the way to inspiration, also through work that other people have done. Or maybe mainly through work that other people have done. As over time I also realize more that everything is being built on top of other things, can only be done because other things have been done, because investments have been made.

But sometimes I go back to the origin of the site, the reason for the site, the choice for something like inspiring people, the choice for inspiration. As I have never felt being inspired by other people, especially my dad. And I believe that has affected my life in a very negative way. So going to the origin of the site I often get the idea in mind of connecting people, of connecting people who can and want to inspire to people who want or need to be inspired. But then I always end up that I don’t have enough resources available to make this happen. As until now I have not been able to build a team, to inspire or motivate people to help me, really do some work for the site, like I do, like I have done.

And then I go back to my weakness or weaknesses, where my main weakness seems to be ‘people’, connecting to people, inspiring people, motivating people, doing things for people, serve people. As somehow people always leave me behind; or I leave them behind of course. So it feels I always end up alone and it seems that is very typical for me, although of course I know everybody is or feels alone every now and then.

And looking at the traffic to the site, the site is apparently not good enough yet, at least if I compare it to the stories I hear about other bloggers, other (self help?) site builders. But of course there are two sides to that, as I know how hard it is to get traffic to a site. And having significantly more than 1,000 visitors and more than 2,000 page views per month still means about 1,000 people visit the site, see the stuff I mostly made and wrote. And yes, of course I know it’s stable, as the site is being built very consistently, growing very consistently, even with the inspirational tools I built, even though they are not really being used yet. And yes, I also know that once it does take off, it will take off with a speed that will be higher than I could have ever imagined. That even scares me and while writing right now I know that will happen. As if I keep writing and building I am adding value and one day people who need that value, like the stuff I have been doing, have been working on, will find the site and use the tools.

So maybe, analyzing right now where to go and what to do with Inspiration for Success, it may be actually a good thing that the site is not that popular yet. As I may first need to work on my people skills to have a team ready when the site is really taking off, really doing what it was and is designed for: connecting and inspiring people, for success, to be successful. As I now know I will be with this site, with this project.