Small steps

Wow, was just thinking I did not write a post for this site yet and I have been working a few hours on this site already. Also thought about something like ‘small steps’. Sometimes I forget how much effort is involved in even the simplest things we see others do, or the simplest results others achieved.

Like now, you may see some little things change in this site, e.g. I wanted to add some kind of color to the site, some logo of some kind. So I did search on ‘inspiration and motivation and success’ and saw a nice image, the one you now (April 14, 2014) see on the right top, or below:

Road to Success

So even for this little post I had to do some things to get the right image in the page as I want the ‘original’ image in this page, even if the image in the header changes. So I had to copy the image, give it another name and upload it to the server.

So yes, this post is about me, as of course I want some appreciation for what I do with this site and of course you all underestimate how much time and effort are involved in creating a site like this.

And yes, while writing this i also realize how many small steps others do, you do, for things that appear so easy to me. And that I could express my appreciation for things others do so much more.

So let’s appreciate ourselves and each other more, tell ourselves and each other more that all those little steps are important, that each little step often takes more effort than we realize, but also that all those small steps lead to big things if we just keep walking.

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