My emotions are blocking me

It seems i am a very emotional person and it also seems it affects me a lot as my emotions are often blocking me. When things are not going as I want I feel that blocking emotion as tension in the upper part of my legs. And the feeling is so strong that it often blocks me to do anything.

Weird, how thoughts and body and mind work together, in a way are one and in a way are separate. My thoughts are telling me about the feeling and that there is something wrong. My body represents the feeling by the tense muscles in my legs. And while writing this, my mind seems to actually only notice the bodily tension and consider it negative. So in this case the feeling is physical, tense muscles.

Never realized that emotional type feelings could be only in the mind, but also represented by the body. Am asking myself now if there is any difference in those two.

Maybe good to write this article, as I never realized how it worked, how I can get moving again if I feel like this. And again, while writing I realize I am moving, because I am writing this article. So the feeling related to en represented by the tension in my legs has to do with something else I feel like I need to do or should be doing.

So while thinking further, the feeling is telling me I’m avoiding something. And I know a bit what it is, but not really. Again, while writing this I think it is related to things I don’t know how to solve, things i don’t want to solve, but feel I should solve.

And again, ‘should’ is a very bad word to me as it implies I’m doing something wrong, it creates guilt.

And not sure now how to end this post, how to make something inspiring out of this, or how to make an advice type thing of this.

Maybe just the last: be careful with the word ‘should’, towards yourself as well as towards others as I think guilt is a very bad feeling or emotion.

And maybe just be gentle and careful, with yourself and also with others.

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