Success by repeating

I encountered several things lately how to achieve success, how to become good at something. And that is something like starting small, starting simple and then slowly increasing your skills until you’re good at it.

So yesterday I encountered a blog with, of course, some kind of book where you can learn how to make your blog successful. And I guess there is something in it and I was a bit jealous yesterday when I found that the site of James Altucher is not that old and much better and is doing much better than mine, than this site, than Inspiration for Success.

And now I am annoyed, as I was just reading something again like ‘if you give to the world you’ll get things back’. And I hear that everywhere and if it is true I don’t give much to the world as I don’t get much back. Or more on the contrary, next to getting nothing in people helping me with e.g. this site I just have a lot of bad feelings, I just feel shit.

And yes, I still have that idea of that it’s  never enough. And of course e.g. the page Top Inspirational Sites is not yet finished, far from it. But I did quite some work on it and it’s going to take an awful lot more work to make that part of the site, of evaluation inspirational and motivational sites, a useful part.

And I know I can write shit, but right now I am still writing, even though it is 3 am right now. And I not fully sure if I am not mainly writing it for myself or for SEO reasons or something, but there is certainly a part of ‘giving’ in it. And yes, the Inspirational Tools part of the site is also not yet fully finished as I have it in mind, but it is certainly working and the idea of focusing on desire document and Principles of Success has certainly a reason as those things brought me further in life than anything ever before.

Ah, yes, the thing in my mind was about following the advice of all those successful bloggers to do things like writing comments and writing guest posts. So it’s all about marketing and sales again in a way that I don’t like. But I guess it works. So what would I do, follow my feeling or do something ‘that works’.

And yes, I think I have been quite generous with links from this site, but until now I don’t think I didn’t get many links back. And I am pretty sure people know I am linking to their site as WordPress has this nice ‘ping back’ feature that reports when someone links to your site. At least as both sites have that feature of course. But most sites are WordPress sites, so I guess they have that feature.

Anyhow, still hard for me to decide to do more of the ‘things that work’, the things I don’t like or the things I think I don’t like, or to just continue writing and working as I have been doing until now. Ah, yes, that was also in my mind, that this site, this blog was never intended to be my main source of income or something and that it is also certainly not my main priority in time, which is also why it is not my priority to do all those things ‘that work’ as I don’t want to spend the time for it.

Anyhow, I would still love to get some feedback or something, whether positive or negative, so at least I would know people read my stuff, next to seeing statistics in Google Analytics of course.

So if you read this, please post some comment or send me an e-mail? Please.

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