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Yeah, I guess my ideas are pretty communist. And I am not sure if I always have been. But yes, for a long time I have been annoyed with people mixing communism with the political systems in the Soviet Union or China. As to me they have and had nothing to do with the pure idea of communism of doing what you like doing and receiving what you want or need. And I never got how people mixed those totalitarian systems with ‘the state’ controlling everything with communism. As those systems like in Soviet Union and China were about control, where in my idea communism is about freedom.

And who would not want to live in a communist system where you just do the things you like to do and are provided with the things you need and want. But well, while thinking about it, maybe the people who want or need power wouldn’t like it. Or would they? Like is wanting power, wanting to control things, other people really a need or want of some people?

So do I want power? Well, I’m not sure, maybe. A good sample may be what happened earlier today. As one of our female dogs is in heat and of course the young male dog wants to mate, which is kind of funny and sad, as the female dog is a Mini Pinscher and the male dog is a Rottweiler. This of course creates technically a problem, as the Rottweiler is way too large to mate with the Mini Pinscher. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about that of course the male Rottweiler is continuously chasing the Mini Pinscher, which is kind of annoying as sometimes they just sit near my desk, which caused them caught up in the wires of my speakers making my speakers fall on the ground. And of course sometimes I just get tired of all this, and especially when the speakers fell on the floor I got really angry. And yes, at that moment I wanted to control the dogs (exercise power), which I did.

So how would this work in a communist system? Would one still feel violated and want to exercise power in that case, even if one is not power hungry, needy or ‘wanty’?

Not sure, looking forward to your comments.