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Enough for today

Still hard, let’s say virtually impossible, to skip writing a post here. It appears that habits are really powerful.

However, I don’t feel like writing now as I am tired and also just don’t know what to write. So this habit is somehow useless, as I don’t see much use in this post, or at least in a post as short as I am planning to make it.

But still, in the mean time I arrived at the third paragraph and I even wrote something useful (about habits).

Question remains how to develop some more useful habits, or better habits that would bring me e.g. riches instead of poverty. As those things also must somehow be related to habit. Or at least it must be possible to develop habits for riches or turn poverty habits into riches habits.

Time to rest

I think it is time to rest, even though I was planning to write a longer post today. But I feel very tired, even though I didn’t work that long today, at least that’s how I feel it. But somehow that is not true, as I left around 1pm this afternoon and I returned home after 10pm, so that’s still 9 hours of mostly working time.

So let’s call it quits, especially as I am still very stressed for various reasons.

But I am making progress as today I felt that I have come very far, so success is not far away anymore. Good job, Guus!

Listen to your body

Not sure what is going on as I just feel tired and nothing really seems to work today. Maybe my body is just telling me that it’s enough, that I should slow down a bit or something, as I may have been pushing myself a lot the last few weeks, even though it didn’t feel like that.

So I guess I’ll just call it quits for now and just take a rest for now.

And maybe you should do the same if your body tells you to stop. As about two weeks ago my body really said ‘stop’ and I ended up in the emergency room of the hospital.

Bodies know, you know?