What a day

Wow, what a day was today. And I have no clue why it feels different as I didn’t do so much different things than I usually do. But I did finish the start of the software that enables the management and display of the (evaluation) of inspirational sites and motivational sites. And that was something I had looked forward to for quite a while, as especially the page top inspirational sites has become quite a chaos that I think is not of much use to readers unless they are willing to spend a little time to read through the rubbish and find the more interesting stuff. But the basis stands and I am very happy with that.

And yes, next to that there may be a little hope that finally my personal life, my life will improve, even though I am a little skeptical with that. Anyhow, the reason is that since two months or so I am participating in a group of Codependents Anonymous and this is the first time in my life I see a glimmer of hope to turn my life around for the good. As it seems I’m not the only one feeling like I feel and doing things that don’t work and it seems a twelve step program may be the solution for the change I have been longing for for so long.

And no, I certainly don’t want to create the impression that twelve step programs have anything to do with achieving success or inspiring people, but if you have the same feeling like me, a feeling I have had for a very, very long time, that you have done everything and nothing seems to work, then you may want to look into something like that. But only then, and not if you are just stuck in a ‘normal’ way.

So well, yes, it seems my start of 2015 is good and that is a feeling I have not had in a very long time. And it feels good.

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