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I was recently reading Leo Babauta’s blog and ended up in his page about the first birthday of zenhabits. And I was a bit jealous, or actually a lot, as I read that within a month after starting his blog he had a few hundred followers, readers. And right now, after almost one and a half year Inspiration for Success I think I hardly have any followers. And I know there are many reasons for that, like now it is 2014 and not 2007 (when there were hardly any bloggers and blogging was probably hardly known). And I am not, and have not been, pushing this site, this blog, very hard. And I guess I am not as good a writer, a blogger, someone with a lot of value to other people as Leo Babauta and many other successful bloggers are. As I just found what I guess is probably his most recent post, on the homepage: pushing past the dip. And it just reads easy and is inspiring, even though I might have been just impressed as it is based on The Dip written by Seth Godin. And that book and Seth Godin had and still have great influence on my, on my thinking.

But anyhow, my blog posts may not always be that inspiring, while thinking now I think this site is still some kind of masterpiece, even though it is not fully finished and of course never will be.

So maybe the big question is how I would get out of my chicken/egg problem of not having enough readers and probably not having any people using the inspirational tools I made a start with (and yes, they are working) and creating better stuff, spend more time.

Maybe the answer is pretty simple though. Maybe I should just do a little more effort and then everything will go by itself. Was already thinking about that, but I will plan something.

Thanks for listening.

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