Body language

I know body language means something else, but I was thinking about listening to my body, so the language of my body telling me it, or I, am very tired (and should stop).

So what is this that I often go against my body language believing that is what successful people do, like ‘going the extra mile’ (against your own feeling) or doing those extra counts of physical exercise like real sports men do? Or don’t they.

As I also believe in Infinite Intelligence and that you should follow your feelings, as in the end your feelings are the only thing you have, and this is what I believe the Law of Attraction is all about.

So I guess it may be wrong what I have been thinking for a long, long time, that successful people go against their own feelings and that that is the reason why they are successful.

So let’s think about this a bit more, although feelings are also just feelings and ratio is another tool that has been given to man and could also be used.

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