Could use a little inspiration myself

Well, biggest question is starting to be how would we inspire you, inspire you to be successful. That would start with something like what is success, or better, what is success for you?

So if you are looking to be inspired best click on the link what is success for you. If you just want to listen to me, to my story, just read on, as this is a blog post, my blog post, and they mostly are about me, about my life, about my experiences.

I got some comments about that, that most posts are about me, and i realized that is true. And I think I made a mistake there, as I was hoping and expecting that people would just read my stuff and be inspired by that. But I’m starting to realize that it’s not that simple. If you want to be the best site in the world on something, and that’s what I want this site to be, you’ll have to do work, do research, produce stuff that people can really use, stuff that helps them on their way to success, inspires them. And that may be fully different than what i think or know about success, motivation and inspiration. That may be fully different what I think inspiration is, than what inspires me. That may be fully different from what I think that success is or what motivates me.

So yes, quite some job to do, but learning and somehow also more motivated, as it’s starting to be real work now and not just hobby.

So what would inspire me now? Well, I guess what would inspire me at this moment would probably be more people visiting this site and even more, getting more comments on it, so I would feel more I’m working on something for other people, for the world..

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