Emotions and feelings

Difference emotions and feelings

Even though I read about it, I still don’t fully understand the difference between emotions and feelings. And i think it is important, especially for me as I am a sensitive and i guess emotional person. But I also guess it’s important for everybody, because I think most things humans do are based on emotions and feelings.

Some of the first Google results are Difference Between Emotions and Feelings and Feelins vs. Emotion. What’s the Difference. Quite theoretical, so I’ll see if I can make something more understandable out of that later.

Phrases that appeal to me are:

Emotion is your body’s response to threats and opportunities


Feeling is created out of our capacity for somatosensory consciousness.

So emotions are your body’s responses to threats and opportunities. Sounds to me they imply action. And feelings have something to do with consciousness, so opposite to emotions don’t seem to be directly related to action or something.


According to Napoleon Hill there are seven positive and seven negative emotions.

The seven positive emotions are:

  1. Desire.
  2. Faith.
  3. Love.
  4. Sex.
  5. Enthusiasm.
  6. Romance.
  7. Hope.

The seven negative emotions are:

  1. Fear.
  2. Jealousy.
  3. Hatred.
  4. Revenge.
  5. Greed.
  6. Superstition.
  7. Anger.


Not sure what to write here. Maybe just link to feelings.

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