Inspiration or success?

When checking the Google Webmaster Tools I noticed that the word inspiration occurs very often in the site, but the word success is not. And the word ‘mind’ is even at the top, not even the word ‘inspiration’. Next to ‘success’, the word motivation is nowhere to be found in the top 20.

Thinking about it, the above is also logical, as I have focused on inspiration not on motivation or success. Also logical the word ‘mind’ is on the top, as indeed what I found is that it’s all in the mind, everything starts with a thought, with an idea.

So yes, inspiring people, that’s what I want the purpose of this site. Not motivating people, although that would still be someting important to include in the site. And  as of the moment I’m not fully clear how to deal with ‘success’ as during my journey building this site until now the word ‘success’ became a very, well, confusing term, especially related to my own life.

You see, I noticed that I am very successful with basically everything I do. Especially lately everything I plan I do and finish successfully. So am I successful, certainly. Does it pay the bills, no.

So why in heavens name did we relate the word success so much to money. Is everything we do only useful or successful if we do it for someone else (and be paid for it (or not))? This is a real struggle for me, something like why I have to do things I don’t like in order to survive, not even live. So what’s the difference between me and people who are successful in a more objective way? Or are really successful people also enjoying what they are doing? Or do they just appear to be successful because they have or earn the money?

So what’s going on here. Has my mindset or my set of beliefs just been built or grown in a way that I keep in this ‘victim state’, that I can’t combine doing what I like in order to do things that other people also like? Am I just in the wrong group or in the wrong place? And if so, why do I stay there, why have I not been able to change that (and I worked on that a lot lately).

Or do these things all just take time. Does it just take more time than I for my subconsciousness to adapt to a better life, to start living or start living again? Or should I do more effort? But to my feeling I already did an awful lot of effort to ‘ improve myself’, ‘work on myself’ in order to live a better life, in order to be happy, in order to ‘fulfill my destiny’.

Or am I just on the wrong path? Somehow, somewhere? Or am I just expecting too much? Do I want too much? But then why did God gave me so much ambition, so much drive to ‘do’ things? And why did He give me things to take them away later on?

And not sure why I am writing this post this way. I’m not sure if and what I’m ‘giving’ here, although if you would recognize the above you must have a similar struggle like me, so we might want to look into it together, maybe in a Master Mind type of way. Maybe then we could find answers and really start living life, really be happy.

As that’s still my goal, enjoy life and be happy.

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