Meeting notes Master Mind meeting June 23, 2013


Today was basically the second meeting of the Master Mind group for the project Inspiration for Success. And as the first meeting was on May 7, 2013 I, Guus, or we did not meet the suggestion or requirement of having a meeting twice as suggested in Think and Grow Rich.

But it was a real Master Mind meeting, as also the first was. Because when more people, any amount of people, are coming together to discuss a certain goal or purpose or something, something is indeed ‘added’, some additional force is present and I certainly felt that tonight.

And the above, this chapter, belongs more in a post than in a meeting report, but as of the moment I think it belongs here, as this project is also my journey to success, and success, real success can only be achieved in a team, if more than one mind is involved, no matter how small or big the input.

So yes, tonight was a real Master Mind meeting. Thank you team!

Some decisions and agreements

Some decisions and agreements that were made tonight:

  • John has a different ‘sample goal’, ‘personal goal’ for the short term. Or even multiple goals, as I know his sports goals are very important to him. See his project to support Mossche.
  • Guus suggests that if we include that project somehow in Inspiration for Success we might want to link it to the Principles of Success, like e.g. checking if this is the real desire of Mossche and also ask her what she is ‘willing to give’ and maybe include her story as another ‘sample goal’.
  • The group agrees and will discuss this further. John will at least give the book Think and Grow Rich to Mossche.
  • Christian and John discuss they are not really in the project for personal (monetary) gain, but mainly for other reasons, like Christian telling people about happiness, inspiring people and John, well, not fully sure, but being more focused on more short term goals.
  • In between the lines there seems to be interest in making the money goal of one million dollar (each) also.
  • Guus: keep in mind, in the end the project is about building the best site on the internet to inspire people to achieve success (and who wouldn’t want that) and NOT exactly about the money. But yes, in the end it’s also about the money as a measure of success, as being a sample of what can be.
  • Related to the “Mossche project” the team kind of agrees to make the project into some kind of ‘sample goal’ where Mossche will be involved applying the principles of success and publish it on the site.
  • Guus indicates that he thinks more people, more capacitiy is needed to make the project a success, like adding content, making tools (programming) and connecting to news agencies and such for the sample goal. John and Christian are not that sure about this and think content just needs to be good, not definitely ‘a lot’.

After the meeting

Val was not present in the meeting, however, he sent an e-mail to Guus with reasons why he was not able to attend.

As a Master Mind group is certainly not a ‘team to make it work’ or ‘workforce’ for now Val is still in the team.

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