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Introduction on the/my sample goal

I, Guus, have been very much inspired by the ideas of Napoleon Hill, however, after trying applying them for more than half a year now, I did not achieve the (financial) success I am looking for yet.

This website is one of the results of my process. The initial idea was to share the ideas I had found in order to help other people achieving success, so that’s how this site, Inspiration for Success, started. While working on it I realized that i am not successful in a way that would make me a ‘sample for success’, so what to do, as I kind of made my decision to push through with the things I started after starting to apply the ideas from the book.

Then I got the idea of using my own journey towards success, while applying the principles of success, as the success story of myself. So here we are, me not having success yet and a very ambitious goal. Very scary to share this, even though somehow I have the feeling it may work and I might get enough supporters or readers and achieve my goal, but it’s very weird. But of course that’s also what it’s all about.

And to be honest, what I’m actually counting on is that somehow during my journey this would go viral, and of course then I would have ‘arrived’. But isn’t this also just what Napoleon HIll states? That you just need one sound idea? And as far as I know no one has ever done this, so why not? And it would be a perfect ‘give’ to the world I guess, very inspiring to other people.

My process on planning according to Think and Grow Rich

I was just working on the plan for achieving my sample goal and had a very weird experience. It felt for the first time in my life or in the last half year that the planning process made sense. I have made all kinds of plans and they didn’t make much sense. The goals were clear, but the activities somehow were not. In this case it’s kind of all about being found on the internet, get followers or something, search engine optimization, and all those things make sense to me as I know a lot about them. Also the sub goals make sense as they are just an increasing number of visits. Very straightforward, nothing special as i experienced in my other plans. Let’s see where this goes.

And I realize there is already a page regarding my, or now our planning.

Stuck (or actually evaluation)

And as of the moment, June 7, 2013, I am a bit stuck. I had many ideas, built this website and included blog by spending like 2 hours a day or so and like right now I don’t know what to do exactly.

The basic issue is that I’m starting to realize I just can’t do it alone. The project is just too big. And I was and am very happy with my two Master Mind team members, but until now they didn’t really do a lot of work, I mean not like I did and not like make the site move. So yes, they both wrote a post and are certainly supportive to me, but there is work to be done and until now I was not able to induce them to do real work, I mean like one or two hours a day.

Also the meetings didn’t really push through as we were not able to have a three person conference call yet. So most communication lately was by e-mail.

So, going back to (some of) the ideas of Napoleon Hill:

  • Yes, I started with some kind of dream, some kind of goal.
  • No, I don’t feel a burning desire, although I don’t want to give up and I do want to make it work.
  • No, I think I did not write it down clear enough, although the page ‘about‘ basically describes it.
  • Yes, I think I decided what I am willing to give: the best site on Inspiration for Success on the internet (with some conditions around it, like not duplicating stuff really, more like linking, more like an entry point to information available). And just reading now, there is more I wanted to give: give inspiration to people who lack it, who don’t have one or more ‘inspirors’.
  • Yes, I made some kind of planning, first as ‘sample plan‘ and next in a Google docs document as suggested by John, one of the team members.
  • Yes, I did put the plans into action.
  • And yes, I did create some kind of Master Mind group, some kind of  team.
  • And no, I don’t really feel belief at the moment, although I do believe the whole thing may work. I do have faith though I guess (doesn’t really sound convincing, but ok enough I guess).
  • I do have knowledge, and I think I do apply it, at least for the site, the work itself.
  • And yes, I think I do try to use Infinite Intelligence, at least sometimes. I guess that’s also why I ended up here now, evaluating the project, evaluating myself.

Summarizing the whole thing adds up to something like ‘not enough capacity’. So how to induce or inspire people to cooperate with me and build the site I have in mind. That would also include organized planning. Maybe set some goals, some better sub goals. But the main thing is capacity, also maybe translated into money, as I don’t have money to invest at the moment to buy capacity.

So what’s next

So what’s next. Think first I guess. Without money to invest I guess I’ll have to induce people to put time and effort in the site. Or find an investor. Or ask people to make the 1 dollar payments I have in mind for paying for the site. Let’s move a bit on all or some of those ideas.

Created on April 18, 2013, updated on June 7, 2013.

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