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So today is October 5, 2013 and Guus has managed to build a core team of five members as he originally intended. And that’s what he thought was his main weakness, team, people, so also Master Mind. And according to the ideas of Napoleon Hill without a Master Mind it is virtually impossible to achieve large goals. So for now that part is partially covered, even though Guus thinks there is not a lot of progress, meaning the team is not spending enough time. But there are good reasons for that and the main issue is probably proper planning. However, there are some plans, even in writing and now indeed the reason for writing plans down, whether they are totally impractical, comes in handy, because indeed now they can be analyzed.

So where to start? Maybe first check what plans there are or were and we can just start lower on this page as I left the previous content, indeed, so it can be analyzed and so the project is also in the open as I originally intended: achieve success through (the project?) Inspiration for Success) fully in the open, partially to check whether the Principles of Success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich really work.

And to keep this page readable we need to put some kind of structure. Let’s just make subheadings plans, goals and activities.


Well, let’s make a list of plans that we made until now and that have been written down:

  • The original plan on this page.
  • The business plan (sorry, for now a private document) as discussed with the team on Google docs some time ago (derived from some other draft documents). The  original plan on this page was copied to that document and not changed.
  • My sample desire document with my current statement related to Inspiration for Success.


So some goals that have been set:

  • Overcome weaknesses on December 31, 2013 from  original plan on this page.
  • Install website from original plan on this page (finished).
  • 100 visits per day on May 16, 2013 from  original plan on this page.
  • 1000 visits a day (no date set) from  original plan on this page.
  • 100,000 visits a day (no date set) from  original plan on this page.
  • Half million visits to the site on September 16, 2013 from  original plan on this page.
  • 1 million visits a month on this site1 million visitors having paid USD 1.00 on October 16, 2013 from  original plan on this page.


Some activities that have been planned:

  • Daily blog post Guus.
  • Weekly blog post John.
  • Weekly blog post Val.
  • Daily quote by e-mail.
  • Post daily quote in Facebook.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly newsletter for our sample goal.


So let’s do some analysis on what I have written above now. Main thing I think is that I did not follow the plan and that probably the plan was too ambitious even though it is not October 16, 2013 yet and we could still reach the main goal of one million visits to the site and get one million visitors to the site. And the team (and probably you) will complain and state that that is not realistic and never has been, but my experience is that where you set your goals also your mind sets itself. If I would state to get one dollar this afternoon from someone or ten dollar or hundred dollar would also define actions. Actions would be different depending on the goal that has been set. One might run faster towards one million dollar than to one dollar.

But yes, I realize more and more I’m a bit of a dreamer, but in my case that’s also exactly where Master Mind comes in as they remind me that Napoleon Hill also states that plans need to be flawless and apparently my original plan was not flawless as many things I had planned have not been achieved.

To be continued later.


Below the old content as it was on October 5, 2013. Not sure when it was all written.

Master Mind preparation

Wow, I, Guus, had my idea, started working on it, have two team members and am trying to make some kind of way to make this a real team effort, which is a bit more difficult than I thought as my team members are in different locations. And not easy to reach and not easy to involve them as i think is needed, as this project is much, much bigger than I thought.

And I’m starting to understand what the organized planning thing is all about. Our one million dollar goal is certainly achievable the way i have it in mind, but it will indeed require a perfect plan and a perfect execution of the plan. And the current plan is too vague, but that’s what I knew from the start. But what is in my mind is also that any plan is better than no plan and I’m realizing also what that means. We didn’t make our first sub goal, 100 visits a day to the website on May 16, 2013, but it is certainly worth investigating why and it indeed also creates some urge to catch up, at least with me, not sure with my team members.

Main issue for me now is begin patient and not doing all the work as I’m starting to realize that I’m indeed the leader and need to find ways to get the work done by involving, inducing, inspiring, motivating other people. So that’s what I’m preparing for now, how to get more work done by other people as it’s way too much for me alone. And how to involve them in a way that they would enjoy working on the project.

So I guess i may just re-read the stuff about leadership in Think and Grow Rich, as i guess there are some clues for me there.

This paragraph was written on May 26, 2013 in preparation of my Master Mind Group meeting tonight.

Below the previous content.

Something to work on

As far as I know planning is not my strongest point, so I guess I could use some help here. Please feel free to put comments with advice or feedback. You can also e-mail me at if you don’t want to comment in public.

And yes, I am checking this page now as I am kind of lost on the road to my goal(s). I guess the main issue at the moment is that I don’t have a clear plan, I don’t see the road towards my goal. Another issue is that I have too many goals at the moment, I don’t have real focus on what is the highest priority. Actually the highest priority is money, just money to survive, but I didn’t make a clear decision yet on how to solve that, I didn’t choose just one goal to focus on. So yes, the principle of decision, making quick decisions is very important. So I have to do that now or soon.

I was working on the post ruled by emotions and realized some of the most important things to work on or maybe even the most important thing to work on are overcoming my weaknesses. So that needs to be added to the plan. My biggest weaknesses seem to be:

  • being ruled by emotions, not being able to control myself;
  • planning;
  • sometimes being paralyzed;
  • not being able to satisfy other peoples wants and needs.

And as this seems to be important I’ll put it at the top of the plan.

Planning actions, not goals

I am learning that a good planning consists of planning actions to achieve planned goals or results. I think one of the biggest mistakes I made in my life with planning is or was that I was planning goals and results, not activities or actions to achieve goals or results.

My current plan

Well, enough about my weaknesses, lets make something here, so intermediate goals and activities and actions to achieve them:

Item  Activities Result Planned finish date
Overcome weaknesses ??? Control myselfBeing a good plannerMoving all the time in a a relaxed waySatisfy other peoples wants and needs December 31, 2013 (preliminary date, to be finalized).
Install website  Install WordPress WordPress website N/A (finished)
 Subgoal 1 100 visits per day  May 16, 2013
Subgoal 2 1000 visits a day
Subgoal 3 10,000 visits a day
Subgoal 4 100,000 visits a day
 Subgoal 5  Half million visits to the site  September 16, 2013
Goal achieved 1 million visits a month on this site1 million visitors having paid USD 1.00 October 16, 2013

Weird, making this plan. A lot is happening right now with me. See page my process.

See also meeting notes and activities for the sample goal.

My goal

So my (draft) goal (or desire in terms of Think and Grow Rich) is (as per today, April 16, 2013) to reach one million visitors to this site and receive one million dollar through it. Please note how I phrase this.

Basically I set my goal in my mind and I made the decision already not to change it, but I have learned to be very specific in goal setting and the goal is not specific enough yet. I strongly believe in Be careful what you wish for, as I have experienced that most of the things I wished for in my life also really became reality. Main issue is often, that we are not specific enough, so the result may be a bit different than what we imagined. So if you set goals I certainly recommend you spend some time to really think it through and make it very specific. Don’t change it though, once you have made the decision, just refine it. So in my case I won’t change the one million visitors and the one million dollars.

And very good what I stated before as today is May 4, 2013 and I’m a bit lost what to do as I did not make a final decision on what the goal should be exactly. But maybe for now I can just decide to try to park all my other goals and stuff and just work on this plan, the plan for this website and also earning from it. As my biggest problem at the moment is just simply earning for my daily needs.

And analysis

Yes, that’s what I tend to forget. See where I stand with my plan. So today is May 4, 2013 and looking at the above current plan it states that my goal for May 16, 2013 is to have 100 visits a day. That’s quite a lot compared to where i am now as there are like 5 visits a day or something, including my own and spammer visits.

So what’s next? Well I did connect to the number 1 site for ‘inspiration for success’ and they offer guest posts, so that type of thing may boost traffic. Also the site is being indexed now by Google and I am still putting content every day, so there must come some hits from there also.

Mostly written by Guus on several dates. Latest update May 26, 2013

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